Keneli Engineering Solutions

Your partner in electrical and electronic equipment supplies


Future Plans

  • Regional expansion in the field of engineering and develop a strong base of key customers
  • Increase the assets and investment of the company to support the development of services to our clients
  • To build a good reputation in the field of supplies of electrical and electronic equipment and general construction materials and become a key player in the industry


  • We would like to engage in current engineering technology on a large scale.
  • High quality electrical cable production on a large scale for not only engineering based institutions but also industries e.g. generators.
  • Stocks and install engineering equipment’s with advanced technology like high power diesel generators


    • To have continued annual growth of over 70% in the next three years
    • To identify and recruit additional trained, experienced and committed staff in the areas of engineering and financial management
    • To raise additional capital of Ksh. 30 million through issues and increase of activities
      throughout the country
    • To develop stronger network with individual professional companies carrying out similar activities throughout the country
    • To establish more branches in all major East African cities by the year 2020
    • To render support in community activities in areas of engineering
    • To engage in staff development programs aimed at strengthening their and performance on the job
    • To achieve technological exellence in operations by development of the indegenious technologies and efficient absorption and adoption of imported technologies to sustain needs and priorities and competitive advantage to the company
    • To strengthen engineering workshop by equiping it with appropriate equipment to fully support training and partner in electrical and electronic supplies logistics and procurement activities
    • To engage in real estate development and management by the year 2030

Keneli Engineering Solutions Your partner in electrical and electronic equipment supplies

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Davids Lodge Building, 1st Floor. Rm 1, Ngara Road, Nairobi.
Call us: +254 724 051 888, +254 734 080 664
P.O. BOX 1123-00600, Nairobi-Kenya.